Yet another Microsoft blogger

I’ve been on the road recently with the “Exchange Unplugged” tour with a bunch of other bloggers (Eileen, Jason, Allister and John) and was ribbed as being “so important he doesn’t have a blog”… so thought it was about time I started one 🙂

I’m a technology specialist in Microsoft UK’s “pre-sales” group (ie I spend most of my time talking to large customers about technology, the idea being that if they know more about what it can do for them, they’re more likely to buy it) and basically concentrate on “messaging” – meaning, Exchange, LCS and mobile devices.

I’m hoping to add some value on this blog, rather than just point at everyone else’s blog: I periodically contribute to the Exchange Blog ( and have done the odd bit for Eileen (including the first published ‘Blogcast’ almost exactly a year ago).

— Ewan

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