Using HTC devices as a modem over USB in Vista RTM

One of the neat things with HTC Windows Mobile 5 devices on Windows Vista is when you activate the Wireless Modem over Bluetooth, Vista will just see the device and automatically detect it as a modem.

When you plug the device in to a Vista PC using USB (having first enabled Wireless Modem over USB on the phone), you may find that it won’t be recognised.

A solution can be derived from

If you grab your standard HTC USB Modem INF file (you can grab a copy here if you don’t have one to hand) and add the emboldened lines below into the relevant places…


AddService=usbser, 0x00000000, LowerFilter_Service_Inst


Save the file out under a new name, and when Vista starts looking for the driver, tell it you want to point to a specific location. If it finds this file, you should find that Robert’s your father’s brother!

Have a happy Christmas – see you in the new year!

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