Sansa e280 – I took the plunge

After my post last month about getting a new MP3 player, I went ahead and bought a Sansa e280 8Gb device from Amazon UK. In general I’m pretty pleased with it – battery life looks good, sound quality is good, it supports direct sync from Windows Media Player etc.

There are a couple of grumbles though – the touted ability to display Album Art is only available if you manually copy a file called “Album Art.jpg” into the folder on the device where the music lives… which is a fairly tedious process to go through IMHO. Come on Sansa … Windows Media player already stores AlbumArt<somenumber>.jpg files in the same folder – any chance you could come up with a sync utility which automates the copy process?

Oh, and the European models don’t have an FM radio… something I’d missed in the specs (assuming that it was the ability to record FM that was missing from European models, not the entire FM tuner). Ho hum, not a big deal but a minor niggle nevertheless.

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