The Return of Exchange Unplugged

In late 2005, to prepare for Exchange 5.5 going out of support (and to help customers understand what was involved in moving up to Exchange 2003), we did a really well received tour of the country arranged around the theme of “Exchange Unplugged“.

We all wore “tour T-shirts” (in fact, every attendee got one), and keeping with the theme, I even carried my acoustic guitar and provided musical accompaniment at the start of each session. The nearest I’ll ever get to being paid to play music, I don’t doubt.

Anyway: we’re doing it all again! With 8 “gigs”, session topics titled:

  • Warm up act & welcome
  • Architecture Acapella
  • Migration Medley
  • Email & Voicemail Duet
  • Mobility Manoeuvres in the Dark
  • Y.O.C.S. (that’s about Office Communication Server).

… it’s clearly no ordinary event. Come along and see Jason try to squeeze into the tour shirt without looking like Right Said Fred, or find out if the YOCS session is presented wearing a stick-on handlebar moustache and leather hat.


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