Custom presence states in Office Communicator

 I just discovered how to modify presence states in Office Communicator 2007: it’s documented in the Office Communicator Deployment imageGuide (page 21, if you’re interested), and allows for either  the managed deployment of Communicator with additional corporate-set presence states, or if a user is savvy enough to do it themselves, they could have some fun…

The custom states appear like shown in this screenshot (the one in the deployment guide seems to be in error – it doesn’t actually show any custom states), and you can have up to 4 of them and set which of the coloured statuses you want to apply to each of your defined presence states.

I’d originally noticed this was possible when I glanced down at the beautiful screen on my newly-acquired “Tanjay” phone (as shown on Gurdeep’s desk here, along with a bunch of other UC devices, and akin to the LG-Nortel 8540), and I saw Adrian’s status was “Delivering …”


… which set me off to find out how he’d done it. Note my own status is also displayed on the Tanjay, and updates in real time…

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