Gibson Guitars “Riffs on OCS” (boom, boom)

Information Week reported that Gibson, makers of the iconic Les Paul guitar (as used by just about everyone, maybe most famously Jimmy Page of Led Zep or Slash from Guns N Roses), are doing great stuff with Office Communication Server, and singing its praises. They found the level of integration with OCS with the other applications that the users had, was the most obvious benefit to using it – echoing what David Berlind from ZDNet said after seeing a pre-release version in action…

So deeply and contextually can Office Communicator’s DNA be integrated into the rest of Microsoft’s solutions that there is probably no other glue in all of Microsoft’s portfolio that so elegantly demonstrates the company’s strategic vision for making knowledge workers more productive at what they do.

Indie IPR1 Solid Anniversary Limited EditionWell good luck to Gibson.

I’ve always been a Fender man, myself – but then since they migrated from Linux to Windows Server, they could always follow suit and adopt the same technology.

As an aside, the last time I bought a guitar, I was humming and hawing between a new US Fender Stratocaster or a straight-up Les Paul standard – then I came across the Indie Guitar company. In the end, I got an instrument which I think is as good if not better than both, and it worked out cheaper too…

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