Careful what names you give to Outlook Contacts when using UM!

This is a follow up to Friday’s post about what happens if you have Exchange Unified Messaging set up to send you notifications on missed call alerts (and on voicemail), using caller-ID to reverse lookup against the personal contacts folder.

Stephen Spence commented:

Fingers crossed nobody is using silly names for any of their contacts and finds out about this the hard way!

And he’s absolutely right – I tried renaming the contact I have for my wife (to “Mrs D!”), then called my desk number (whilst OOF was on), from her mobile.

Here’s what she got (viewed in her mailbox via Exchange 2003 OWA):


Just as well I wasn’t calling her “Trouble & Strife” or something like that 🙂

So, be careful… if you have UM and external  OOF turned on, don’t add people into your contacts with disparaging names in case they happen to phone you one day and find out, as Stephen says, the hard way….

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