Top ten things for to do in 2009

It seems this time of year brings out the soothsayer in lots of IT journalists and analysts, if the volume of “ten things to do” articles is anything to go by.

Mary-Jo Foley posted a couple of weeks ago on what she thought Microsoft might/should do this year.

Don Reisinger over at CNet gives his 5 predictions for home technology this year (no real surprises).

But, the funniest predictions article I’ve read in a while comes from Infoworld, regarding what Apple needs to do in 2009. Mitch Wagner compares Steve Jobs to Willy Wonka…

And that’s the real reason Steve Jobs didn’t attend Macworld this year. He hinted he skipped it for health reasons. But the real reason is that he’s on an overseas excursion, looking for Oompa Loompas he can replace Apple’s employees with.

Priceless 🙂

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