Tip o’ the Week #127 – Windows Phone and History

clip_image002This week sees a short but sweet Windows Phone tip, courtesy of Kevin Lief. He paints the picture of being in a meeting when someone says “did you get my email about … etc?”

Of course you got the email… but getting it and reading it are odds apart sometimes. How many times have you seen an email, maybe skimmed it (flagged it even) but haven’t quite got round to reading it in detail?

If your inquisitor expects you to show that you’ve at least put their email on your to-do list, Kevin’s tip might work for you.

  • Grab your phone and open the People hub, then select the Contact for the person who sent you the email.
  • Flick left to “history” and you’ll see the last messages you’ve received from this sender…
  • Point to the email in question, showing the sender, and admit “This one? Yes, I got your email, though I haven’t finished reading it yet…”

clip_image004Of course, it helps if you have your colleagues’ details saved in your contacts list. If you don’t, try opening their details in the Outlook address book and hit Add to Contacts – or if you’re on the hoof, try searching the person’s name in the People Hub, and if you can’t find it, tap “search Outlook directory”, then open the contact, clip_image006then hit the save icon at the bottom to add to your contacts.

Random thought: the “save” icon, like that in many applications, clip_image008is a 3.5in diskette icon. When was the last time you used a computer that had a floppy disk drive (even if the disk was anything but floppy), where do you keep the last diskettes and what did you save on them? Answers on a postcard please

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