Tip o’ the Week #167 – Flash! Ah-Aaah!

imageSome big news for Windows 8 IE10 users this week (especially those using “Immersive IE”, aka modern/Metro IE): the way the browser handles Flash websites has changed. More details, here. In a nutshell, the Flash player which is built into IE10 has changed its default from not allowing Flash sites unless specifically allowed, to allowing Flash unless specifically disallowed. Pretty big change, then.

The Flash player in IE10 is updated by Microsoft, so you won’t get plagued with unwanted browser toolbars – (does anyone actually want the Ask toolbar?) – and updates will be rolled out more or less automatically to everyone.

Amongst other updates, a new Surface RT firmware has also appeared, alongside IE10 and Office updates. If you have a Surface device, make sure you run the check for updates. More than once, to ensure you’re all tickety-boo.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Internet Explorer – Windows 7 users now get to enjoy it if they choose to.

Trivia: did you know that the actor who played Ming the Merciless (pictured) also played chess with Death in the Seventh Seal, and was the priest in the Exorcist?

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