Tip o’ the Week 338 – And now for something completely different

clip_image002If you’re a Skype user – desktop, consumer Skype, or the various mobile platforms (including the Skype Preview on Windows 10 Mobile), as opposed to Skype for Business, you may know about smileys and emojis, but have you used “mojis”?

Put simply, they’re short, often pithy and funny, video clips that can be quickly inserted into conversations. You can shut up your colleagues. Or they could retort back at  you. There are hundreds of mojis, from naff Hollywood to Bollywood, Macca to the Muppets.

clip_image004Now, Skype has released a whole selection of the finest Monty Python clips, as mojis. Click on the smiley icon in the bottom right of a Skype conversation window, then look for the new “foot” icon, and you’ll see an array of classic Python videos.


Try not to waste all day mucking around with it.

If you don’t see the icon, make sure you’re running the latest version of Skype.

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