360 degree amazement

So, I got PGR3 and Perfect Dark Zero for my XB360.

Oh dear. What time is it again? 1am? Oh I really should go to bed now.

PGR3 is predictably good – I loved both PGR1&2 and this is basically more of the same, though there are some notable absences from the cars list – where PGR2 had lots of Porsches, this one has nothing (a licensing issue I wonder) other than Ruf souped-up Porkers.

I’m getting to the point where I can more-or-less drive round without hitting stuff, but playing on XBox live is quite frustrating – the number of times you approach the first 90-degree bend after the start line, wondering how to position the car – if you take the racing line, you’ll get smacked into the barrier by the guy on your inside (there’s no such thing as “Racing Accident” here … it’s all just adreneline) or the guy immediately behind won’t have found the brake yet so you’ll start to brake and turn in, only to be nerfed into the barrier by laughing boy at the back.

Oh well … another few races and I’ll figure it out …


PS – does XBox Live appeal particularly to the Dutch? I seem to come across lots of games with ‘NL’ in their tag name…

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