Christmas Card lists

It’s that time of year when the postman delivers a bundle of cards every day, and every day I feel more & more guilty that I haven’t even started writing mine yet.

This year I’ve already noticed that lost of “ordinary folk” are sending cards with printed address labels, which means I guess they’ve got some software to do the whole shebang. I’ve pretty much stayed away from printing labels because I’ve found it takes longer to set up than just writing the damn things to start with, and the amount of labels wasted due to misprinting (margins etc) is pretty high.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider that particular piece of technology, or should I just stick to exporting Outlook contacts to a spreadsheet, then sitting down with a printout of that sheet, a couple of glasses of mulled mine, some mince pies and actually handwriting everything 🙂

— Ewan

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