Mapping with Bing

As a follow on to the Bing post from the other day, I was talking with a guy who’d spent some years working in the Microsoft mapping team in Redmond – he’d talked about the progress the company had made in online mapping technology and the challenges associated with it.


One of the latter was the brand – didn’t drip off the tongue quite as well as, say, Google Maps or Multimap etc. Well, the Bing team has registered a whole bunch of domains which could make it easier to jump straight to the content you want – eg, bingtravel, bingnews, bingimages, bingvideos etc etc.

TIP: If you use Internet Explorer, just type the name (eg bingmaps) into the address bar, and press CTRL & Enter. IE automatically inserts the http://www. and the .com/ bits for you, and takes you there. No more clicking on the “Go” button …

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