Pinpoint a Microsoft Partner

This site has had something of a quiet launch – I first saw it a couple of weeks ago and was really impressed – it’s called Pinpoint and is a new take on the question, “How do I find a good Microsoft partner?”


Simply enter a search (a name of a known partner, or any element of the technology or solution you’re interested in), and a location, and you’ll see results shown on a map, with a list of matches below.

What’s interesting is the ability to review partners or solutions – so if and when this site gets a bit more use, we should see not just a linear list of partners who have the skills, but the ability to  see who gets the best reviews (a bit like on Tripadvisor or Amazon). If you’ve had a good (or bad!) experience with any Microsoft partner, please add a review – it might help someone else to choose the right solution partner for them.

If you work for a Microsoft partner, make sure you’re listed on here with some sensible detail – one of the guys in my team, Matt aka virtualboy, was showing this site to a partner only the other day. Top of the list of results came their main competitor… You have to be in it, to win it, as they say… Make sure you have your products & services listed!

Pinpoint is now linked from the Microsoft UK homepage, via the “Experts” page at, which also has more detail about the different types of partner and why you may need their services and help.

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