575 – Who’s meeting?

Organising a meeting in Outlook means sending out requests to participate – effectively you’re creating an appointment or event in your own calendar, then converting into a meeting by inviting other people to join you. If you’re putting something in your diary and want other people to know about it, but without expecting them to […]

Tip o’ the Week 424 – Tracking meeting responses

Office 365 updates roll in on a regular basis – that’s kinda-the-point of delivering a service rather than once-every-three-year upgrades. To see what’s changed over time, be that for early-access Insiders or for regular subscribers, see here. One seemingly minor but really notable improvement of late has been the ability for attendees of meetings to […]

Tip o’ the Week #198 – 22 minute meetings

Hot on the heels of last week’s “How 2 rite English proper” tip, and the previous extensive Outlook appointment duration code-a-thon, here comes a simple yet entertainingly effective idea to think about whilst you’re digesting all the over-indulgence of the Christmas period (Merry Christmas, by the way) – if you need to meet in person, […]